Felt systems are ideal solutions to flat roofing problems i.e. flat roofs to commercial buildings or residential extensions, garages and balconies or roof gardens. There are lots of different types of felt for various types of applications and situations.

Built up Felt

A built up felt roof is an established system of weather proofing roofs, (flat roofs) using more than one layer of bituminous roofing felt that is bonded to the previous layer. Three layers are usually laid or a mineral cap sheet is sometimes used instead.

High Performance Felt

High performance felts now often used as they provide far greater resilience to the elements. Therefore the main benefit in choosing a High Performance Felt is the additional life span. Where a normal well designed, well carried out felted roof should last approximately about 15 years, for an extra 25% in cost the same roof with High Performance felt should last twice as long i.e. approximately 30 years and on that basis the actual cost per year during the life span of the roof is vastly reduced.

M J Asphalt is an approved installer for various felt manufacturers